Cactus Honey 1 kilogram

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The flower that is given in Guayadeque between June and the beginning of September is the flower of Cactus, as it can be the flower of the Tunera several types, Tabaiva, Verol several types, Wild Tunera, Aeonium holochrysum, Aeonium cuneatum, Aeonium canraiense, Aloe arborescens etc. The honey of bee is composed mainly of 16 types of predigested sugars that make it a very noble food, of easy assimilation and of fast action in the body, surpassing in energetic power to many foods. Honey:

• It is restorative brain as it is rich in iron, sodium and phosphoric acid, essential food for nerve cells.

• It is a food full of vigor, it helps to reanimate, to maintain joviales the functions and organs of the body.

• It destroys the toxins without damaging to the kidneys or tissues.

• It promotes cell regeneration so it is widely used in cosmetic products like creams, soaps and masks to fade wrinkles and feed and refresh the skin. We also find it in many shampoos because it is a wonderful nutrient of the hair roots.

• The color of the honey depends on the location and type of flowers from which it is extracted.

• It is an ideal antibiotic and germicidal resource.

• Excellent remedy for wounds and cuts.

• Great help for the optimal development of children and adolescents, Highly. recommended for older adults.

• Ideal helper in the treatment of anemia, fatigue, infections, some cases of diabetes, hypoglycemia, etc.

• Helps to alleviate hunger and fatigue, strengthens the immune system and relieves certain diseases such as flu, cough, colds. Honey is rich in: sulfur, copper, phosphorus, biotin, manganese, iron, vitamin A, B vitamins, potassium, calcium. It is a great source of energy, easily absorbed by the stomach and has laxative and tranquilizing effects. Pack of 1 kg.

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Cactus Honey 1 kilogram

Cactus Honey 1 kilogram

Pure honey

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