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Moisture with Aloe Vera.

Because of its high contents of natural Aloe Vera, the cream penetrates deeply into the epidermis, right down into the lowest layer, where the cells are activated, providing them with nutriment and the necessary help to accelerate the cell regeneration. The result is a deeply hydrated skin, regenerated and fortified against climatic influences
Face and Body.

This cream is suitable for all types of skin:
Very dry skin will become deeply hydrated.
Ripe skin will become tauter and younger.
Young skin will be well protected and moist.
For spotty skin: the spots become ligther.
For pimply skin: it will help the healing process.
Sunburned skin will be soothed and hydrated.
Aloe Vera with its very special properties: moisturising, soothing, healing, regenerating, nutritious, etc.

Application: In the mornings, apply on face and neck and slightly massage in with your fingertips. Can be used as make-up base. Applied on the body after sunbathing, it is refreshing and calming.

Give your skin the best!

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