Rose hip oil


Rosa Mosqueta oil is a product widely used in cosmetics and dermatology to combat skin blemishes. It is ideal in beauty treatments, proving extremely effective to treat: scars, eczema, stretch marks, spots and abrasions. Its high concentration in essential acids and tretinoin, provide excellent tissue regeneration capacity.

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Fight Stains 

It tightens the epidermis and tones the tired skin, while preventing skin aging and acts on spots, redistributing pigmentation. It is also effective in attenuating expression lines, wrinkles and stretch marks. Tones tired skin. How to use: Apply to the skin, using light massages, until completely absorbed. As a specific treatment, a minimum of once a day should be applied to dry and clean skin. Spread the product with a gentle massage on scars, burns, wrinkles and stretch marks. 150 cc container

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