It is located between the municipalities of Ingenio and Agüimes, one of the most interesting monuments of Gran Canaria, even of the Canary Islands, it is the Guayadeque Ravine, the true aquifer of the area, a natural landscape of overwhelming nature and one of the most important aboriginal settlements of the Islands, hundreds of caves dug in the volcanic tufa attest to the enormous people who lived in this natural landscape. The findings as mummies, vessels and other tools of daily life are counted by thousands, many of which were sacked throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries although another amount are well preserved. Barranco de Guayadeque, unavoidable appointment to go into the history and to know at first hand how the Canarian aborigines were and lived, in addition to the housing nuclei the funerary caves and the archaeological remains of the everyday objects of the aboriginal life, in Guayadeque there have been manifestations of art rock and many others of the natural and archaeological wealth of the place.

Casa Cueva Canaria, it is located in the Mountain Trail of the Lands, short walking walk that surrounds Montaña de las Tierras, "SENDERO" where you can enjoy the beautiful views , take photos and enjoy the gastronomy and honeys of the area you will also find an aboriginal Canaria gallery.

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