Pearl and Lapislazuli


Length: 52 Cm

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79,95 €

Lapis lazuli Ideal to clarify your mind
Also the use of this stone can help us better understand our thoughts and clarify our desires. It is possible that, in our life, many times we feel lost and do not know what course to choose.

With lapis lazuli we will be able to achieve greater mental clarity and think more clearly and objectively.

Helps harmonize your body
Continuing with the meaning of lapis lazuli, it is worth mentioning that this stone is ideal for balancing our emotions, our spirit and our mind.

In this way, it achieves that our whole "I" in essence lives in a much more optimal and positive way.

By enjoying greater well-being, we radiate more positivity into our lives, making any problem that comes our way can be overcome and solved.

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