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The chakras are the psychic centers of the body that govern different aspects of life. From the coccyx to the crown, they are distributed in the plexuses, networks formed by several intertwined nerve and vascular filaments. Interconnected with each other, they are not fixed points, but centers where energy is permanently active. When the energy in a chakra rotates counterclockwise the chakra is said to be closed, causing difficulties and blockages in the areas of life governed by that chakra.
Through introspection and meditation on the chakras, an attempt is made to maintain the upward flow of energy from the base chakra or Muladhara, to heal the disease and maintain physical health, increase self-knowledge, improve one's life in its different aspects and achieve a spiritual evolution that provides peace of mind and serenity.
Chakra energy can be purified and unlocked through breathing and meditation, using vibration, sound, or images to activate it. In a yoga class or a session of shiatsu or reiki the energy of the chakras is balanced.

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