ApitoxAloe Cream

Anti-Aging Tightening Facial Cream

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18,95 € tax excl.

The apitoxin, or bee venom, has been used since the ancient times to treat ailments such a psoriasis, warts, herpes, varicose veins, inflammation, arthritis, back pain, etc. With the selective apitoxina extract and combinig its anti-wrinkle and extra tensor virtues with bee products of high nutritional value (royal jelly, pollen, honey and propolis) along with Aloe Vera, we obtain from this cream a specialized cosmetic with great regenerative property and remove the lines of expression that is ideal for matured skin and over exposure to the sun.

Mode of use: Apply daily for all skin types on the face, neck and chest preferably at naight or anytime during the day for dry and aged skin. 100 ml.

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