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During pregnancy the venous and lymphatic return is less effective, which results in the feeling of heaviness in the legs. To immediately reduce this discomfort we can take Gel Tired Legs, which allows instant relief of tired and fatigued legs. Its excellent formula contains specific elements of natural origin to relax, tone and soothe the feeling of fatigue of the legs.

The properties of Gel Tired Legs are the following:

Menthol extract that achieves immediate relief of the legs providing a pleasant sensation of freshness that allows the legs to rest.
Elastoregulator and lupéol make it possible to strengthen the support tissues of the skin so that the relief of tired legs is more durable.
To deeply tone the legs.
Hilauronic Acid and Avocado peptides to increase skin quality.
After applying Gel Tired Legs we will feel in our legs a great relief and a feeling of rest. Its gel-cream texture is very fresh, without alcohol, leaves no greasy feeling on the skin and does not stain.

It is a hypoallergenic product, specially formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reaction. Therefore, it has a high level of tolerance, even in the most sensitive skin. 100 ml container

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